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Professionelles Audio Streaming mit Centova Cast

Shout 1

3.90€ / mtl.

200 Zuhörer

2 GB AutoDJ

Unlimitierter Traffic


Shout 2

5.90€ / mtl.

300 Zuhörer

4 GB AutoDJ

Unlimiterter Traffic


Shout 3

7.90€ / mtl.

400 Zuhörer

6 GB AutoDJ

Unlimitierter Traffic


Shout 4

9.90€ / mtl.

500 Zuhörer

8 GB AutoDJ

Unlimitierter Traffic


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Secure Infrastructure

Helping Hand-100

Reliable Servers

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The perfect offer for those who don’t compromise on quality!

High Quality Audio Streaming to Any Device, Globally. Launch your own station in less than one minute. All plans are packed full of features to help make your station the best it can be.

Now with free unlimited traffic and double AutoDJ storage.

Checked-50 Full Centova Cast Control Checked-50 Unlimited Traffic
Checked-50 AutoDJ with enough storage Checked-50 Free 24/7 Support

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